3 Key Differences Between the iPad and the Kindle

3 Key Differences Between the iPad and the Kindle
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ivan_Diaz]Ivan Diaz

The one thing that Apple is used to, is being one of the most innovative companies on the planet. Whenever a new device made by Apple is set to come to the market, you can be sure that it will have features that you have never seen before. Even if the actual device was first created by another company. They always find a way to improve on the original invention. They did this with the iPod against other MP3 manufactures. They also did this against their rival mobile phone manufacturers with the iPhone.

Now they are going to try it once again with the iPad. Even though they mean for the device to be more of a general purpose computing entity, there is no denying that one of their main targets is the Kindle that is manufactured by Amazon. Let's note the key differences and see how they stack up to one another.

· Touch Screen functionality - Even though both screens are roughly the same size, the iPad has a touch screen functionality that is sure to please the users of the device. Since most of the early adopters of the platform will be former iPhone users, a similar interface is a huge advantage. And consumers who are not using an iPhone now will surely be more impressed by the touch features than the normal hard button navigation presented by the Kindle.

· Device Functionality - The Kindle was meant to be an ebook reader and nothing more. They focused on giving people a similar experience to when they would sit down and read a paperback book. The iPad is going to try and give those same users something more. Apple wants to give them the same ebook functionality, but wrap it in a device that will function as a mini computer as well.

· Color Screen - The Kindle is in black and white. The iPad is in color. That advantage definitely goes to the iPad. Since most people are used to color devices, I would have to say that the iPad will be looked upon more favorably by the average user. While the kindle creators claimed that they decided to go with a black and white screen so that users could feel as if they were reading a real book, people are going to see the kindle side by side with the iPad and ultimately choose the color device.

These are three key differences between the iPad and the Kindle. All of these factors will make a huge difference in someone who is deciding which device that they want.

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iPad - Do You Really Want to Buy One?

iPad - Do You Really Want to Buy One?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Matt_Pierce]Matt Pierce

It's widely reported that the launch of the Apple iPad was disapointing to say the least. It wasn't just the expected first generation bugs, or the odd name. It lacks 16:9 support, Flash support, multitasking, SD card slot, HDMI or high-res video output support, USB ports, GPS and the list goes on. It is also exclusive to AT&T's network and the 3G wireless add-on is $130 extra with a data limit of 250MB per month. That's a joke I can burn through that much data in a day on the internet. I would say that some of these missing features will eventually come along but seriously folks; this is a work in progress. Would you want to buy one right now knowing that it is the first generation release complete with bugs and all? I need to be convinced that buying the iPad is going to be a better choice than a notebook.

What Apple needs to do is not try to make this seem better than a notebook because I don't see how at this point it really is. The iPad is a fancy news print reader, or a replacement for paper. This makes it ahead of its time. The idea of tablet computers is nothing new; Microsoft has been working on one for years. I just believe that Apple would be better suited to try to market the iPad as something that could be used in schools or could be used as a way to revolutionize how we read our news every morning.

I'm going to stick with my laptop for now and see what happens with the iPad before I spend a fairly good chunk of money on one. Let the bugs get worked out first.

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